The History

The Equinavia story began in Scandinavia nearly 40 years ago. There, our passion for horses, riders and their wellbeing inspired decades of progress and innovation within Scandinavia’s racing and English riding communities. Simply put, we found our purpose in meeting the needs of horses and their riders. We steadily expanded our collection while remaining true to the trifecta of quality, value and fashion.

In 2007, we crossed the Atlantic, determined to meet and motivate US riders and horse-lovers of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds. It was here that we found our local footing — first with harness racing, and soon after with English riding as we strove to respond to the community’s demand for a comprehensive product range made up of beautifully-fashioned merchandise.



The American equestrian brands were entrenched in traditions from other disciplines, attempting to apply old fashion to the modern equestrian disciplines originating from Europe. Many well-known equestrian brands that were strong outside the USA attempted to launch through American distributors for quick wins, but never invested in adapting to the American equestrian culture. Not so with Equinavia.

We entered the scene with our distinctive products and fresh perspective, ready to deliver the European quality and style that many US riders admired but didn’t have access to. By supporting local tack stores and distributors nationwide, we were able to reach the community in the places they knew and loved; and we soon won the approval of many equestrians.



Equinavia arrived as a Scandinavian brand and adapted to become the brand for Americans. We cherish our Scandinavian heritage, but it is the future that captures our imagination and motivates our ambition. We are an inquisitive brand, invested in and receptive to the US community we serve. While the number of horses has slowly stagnated since the tractor began replacing the need for horsepower, Equinavia and its brands have grown. Equinavia sees that the equine market is under-served and believes in making it possible for everyone — from beginners to professionals — to enjoy riding as a way to connect with the horse, with nature and with one’s self.



We value each person’s feedback and are continuously inspired by the stories they share. Our curiosity enables us to identify new ways to nurture the wider equestrian community. We are a resource, a confidant and a guide to quality. Focused on excellence, detail and value, we remain committed to designing and manufacturing products that encourage confidence, discovery and freedom.