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Keep your horse feeling their best in any weather with our wide collection of horse blankets, sheets, coolers, masks, boots and accessories. Whether you need a turnout or stable blanket to fight off winter chills, a cooler or scrim sheet to reduce ring side sweat, or a mask, boots and sheet to manage flies, Horze Equestrian has you covered. Looking for a blanket that can make the transition from stall to field, or day to night? No problem. All of our stylish and versatile blankets can be layered for extra protection from the elements and increased durability. Mix and match to meet your horses individual blanketing needs. Come see our selection of horse blankets, sheets and accessories designed by Horze Equestrian, B Vertigo, Finntack and Back on Track. The possibilities are endless!

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Horses are tough. They work and play hard in the rain, snow, sleet, and heat. Designed by Horze Equestrian, B Vertigo, Finntack and Back on Track, our selection of blankets, sheets, coolers, scrims, and accessories will keep your horse healthy and happy no matter what nature throws at them. ,/p>

Horse Blankets and Sheets

Protect your horse from winter’s chill at work, play and rest with our wide selection of blankets and sheets by Horze Equestrian and B Vertigo. We carry an extensive collection of blankets and sheets to keep your horse protected from the elements whether they are in or out of the barn.

The weight, or fill, of a blanket refers to the amount of insulating material, typically polyester, present in each item and is used to the measure the extent of protection each blanket is capable of providing. The amount of fill in a horse rug is also used to determine whether it is considered a blanket or a sheet. Horse sheets are designed to protect your horse from flies, dirt, wind, rain, and dust. They are used to provide your horse with lightweight protection and have no fill.

Blankets are designed to keep your horse warm. The correlation between outside temperature and blanket weight depends on your horse’s age, health and whether or not they have been body clipped. As a general rule, a body clipped horse should be blanketed as if it were 10 degrees Fahrenheit colder than the actual outside temperature. Lightweight blankets (100g fill) are typically worn early and late in the season when the temperature is between 50 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Medium weight blankets (200g -300g) are best for periods of changing temperatures, with cold nights and warmer days between 40 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Medium to heavy blankets (300g-400g) are best suited to temperatures between 30 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Heavy blankets should be worn during the height of winter.

The strength of a blanket or sheets outer shell, or denier, determines whether it is suitable for wear during turnout or in a stall. Denier measures the coarseness of the fibers in the blanket. The higher the denier, the stronger the fabric. The strength of the blanket or sheets outer shell is particularly important when selecting turnout wear for your horse. As a general rule 600 denier is an adequate strength fabric, 800 denier is considered mid-range, and 1200-1600 denier is the toughest and least likely to tear. Since stable blankets and sheets are largely worn inside and are protected from the elements and other horses, their denier count is less important.

We are proud to offer an extensive collection of turnout blankets, stable blankets, turnout sheet and stable sheets designed by Horze Equestrian, B Vertigo, and Finntack.

Horse Coolers and Scrim Sheets

Horse coolers and scrims designed by Horze Equestrian, B Vertigo and Finntack off another excellent layer of protection. Your horse’s natural winter coat provides a layer of insulation and helps draw water away from the skin, creating a layer of warm air that helps shield your horse from the icy cold. When your horse’s coat becomes too wet, from rain, snow or sweat, it temporarily loses this ability to provide the skin with a warming buffer. Horse coolers and scrims are an excellent way to replicate your horse’s coats natural moisture wicking abilities. Designed by Horze Equestrian, B Vertigo, and Finntack, our coolers are available in fleece, cotton, and wool and in styles suitable for both the schooling and show ring.

Fly Protection

Winter isn’t the only time of year that your horse benefits from some extra protection. We carry an extensive collection of UV and fly protection by Horze Equestrian design to keep your horse comfortable and fly free from head to hoof. Fly masks cover your horses head, typically fitting around the ears and fastening under the jaw, and protect your horse's delicate eyes from harmful UV rays and offer relief from biting flies. Fly masks are available in regular and long nose options and come with and without ear coverage depending on your horse’s individual needs. Fly and eczema sheets fit like a regular horse sheet and provided similar protection as a fly mask to your horse’s body. For full body coverage, fly neck rugs and fly boots are also available.

Fitting a Horse Blanket

A properly fitting blanket or sheet can be the difference between a warm, dry, bug-free horse and a messy pile of former blanket crumpled in your field. Make sure your blanket or sheet is secure and comfortable by following a few simple tips for the perfect fit. You will need your horse, a friend, and a soft fabric measuring tape in inches.

To begin taking measurements, first make sure your horse is standing on level ground. Start measuring at the front of your horse’s chest and tightly pull your measuring tape over your horse’s shoulder and side, to the point on their haunches or tail where you would like the blanket to end. Your measuring tape should be in a straight, taut line from the center of your horse’s chest to roughly twelve inches below the dock of their tail. Compare your measurement, in inches, to the manufacturer’s sizing charts.

The measurements listed by manufactures relate to the distance front bindings and back bindings, starting at the base of the neck opening with the blanket or sheet lying on a flat surface with all gussets and darts spread out. If your horse falls between sizes, round up to the next between nearest size or look for a manufacturer the carries a blanket or sheet in your horse’s size.

Once you get your blanket or sheet home, it is important to double check its fit. Place the blanket over your horse’s back and fasten it from front to rear. This will help prevent that blanket or sheet from slipping off should your horse makes a sudden movement. Similarly, when removing a blanket, start in the rear and work towards the front. The surcingle should be comfortable and loose under your horse’s belly, but tight enough not to accidentally ensnare a hoof during a roll. Once the blanket has been fastened, start your examination by sliding your hand under the blanket at your horse’s wither. Move your hand slowly down and around the neckline, checking to make sure there are no tight spots through the withers or shoulders. Next, simulate grazing by placing a treat on the floor and check to see that the blanket remains comfortable after your horse has stretched their neck to the floor. It’s fine if the blanket gets a little tighter, but it shouldn’t restrict your horse’s movements. It is important to get the fit right through the withers, chest, and shoulder since blankets that are too tight restrict movement and blankets that are too loose cause rubs which remove hair and leave painful sores.

Blanket Accessories

Don’t panic if your horse has odd measurements. We carry extenders, clips, kits, straps and surcingle that can turn any blanket into a custom fit.