Equinavia's National Turnout Trade-In Program: Caring for Your Horse and Community


Here at Equinavia, we're not just passionate about equestrian fashion and quality products; we're dedicated to something more profound—the well-being of your beloved horses and the bond you share with them. Our National Turnout Trade-In Program is our commitment to protect what means the most to you: your horse.

Blankets That Make a Difference

Horse blankets are more than just accessories. They are crucial in keeping your equine companion comfortable and healthy, protecting them from harsh weather or supporting their performance. We've spent over four decades perfecting our designs, blending Scandinavian craftsmanship with American equestrian needs. 

Quality, style, and affordability have made Equinavia blankets a top choice for horse enthusiasts worldwide.

Community Connection Since 2008

Since 2008, we've been deeply rooted in the equestrian community across the USA. We've built strong relationships with local tack shops and distributors, recognizing their pivotal role in providing exceptional customer experiences. It's their dedication that fuels our success.

Introducing Our Turnout Trade-In Program

We understand that blankets have a limited lifespan, especially when peak performance is essential. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our Turnout Trade-In Program. We want to make it easier for you to transition to a new Equinavia turnout blanket while giving your old one a purpose.

How It Works:

  • Bring your old blankets to a participating dealer who accepts them, and you'll receive a generous $50 trade-in credit toward your purchase of a new Equinavia Thunder 360 or Arktis Turnout.
  • Do you already know someone who needs your old blanket? We'll reward you with a $50 coupon code, exclusively applicable to a new Equinavia Thunder 360 or Arktis Turnout on equinavia.com, by providing proof of the donation. Click here to complete the form.
  • If visiting a dealer isn't convenient, and you don't have anyone needing your old, you can also ship your old blankets to the Equinavia warehouse at your expense. In return, we'll reward you with a $50 coupon code, exclusively applicable to a new Equinavia Thunder 360 or Arktis Turnout on equinavia.com. Click here to complete the form before shipping.

Protecting Horses, Growing Together

Beyond our dedication to animal welfare, this program is a win-win. It ensures your horse stays comfortable, supports your favorite tack shops, and helps us grow, setting the stage for exciting new Equinavia Turnout Styles in 2024.

Combined with our Equinavia Blanket Warranty, this program underscores our confidence in our products' durability and quality.

So, join us in this care, commitment, and community journey. Together, we'll protect what means the world to you – your horse.


The program is subject to change without notice.