• Elevate Your English Riding Experience: Glide into comfort with these lightweight, shock-absorbing English saddle irons. Crafted from a durable composite material, these stirrups reduce strain on your knees and ankles, making them perfect for various riding disciplines including dressage and more. Say goodbye to discomfort and ride with confidence!
  • Secure Connection with Rubber Grip: These English stirrups feature a wide foot bed of over 1 3/4", providing ample room for stability during every ride. The rubber grip pads ensure a secure connection with your boot, making them suitable for a range of riding styles - from English riding disciplines to leisurely hacks. The 0.35" by 1.25" hole for stirrup leathers ensures easy compatibility.
  • Flexible Strength for Intense Rides: Designed for the dedicated rider, these saddle stirrups combine flexibility and durability seamlessly. The composite material guarantees lightweight performance without compromising on strength, ensuring your connection remains unbreakable during jumps and equestrian activities.
  • Pain-Free Riding for Ultimate Performance: Maximize your riding potential with the shock-absorbing foot plate that reduces strain on knees and ankles. Perfect for English riding enthusiasts, these stirrups offer the comfort you need to excel in your chosen discipline, whether it's English riding or any other equestrian pursuit.
  • Uncompromising Quality for Every Ride: These versatile English stirrups flawlessly complement your riding gear. With a design that fuses timeless style with modern technology, you'll find the perfect balance of hardness options to match your preference, whether you're an English saddle devotee or exploring various equestrian activities.

Reduce soreness in knees and ankles with the Compositi Plastic Profile Stirrups.

These lightweight, composite stirrups offer some shock absorption, which can help reduce stress on the rider's knees and ankles. These stirrups feature rubber grip pads and are suitable for a variety of disciplines. Please note that certain classes forbid the use of black stirrups for competition purposes.

Care Instructions:

Wipe with damp sponge, towel dry.

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Compositi Plastic Profile Stirrups - Black

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