• Premium 280gsm anti pill fleece cooler has a contoured fit to lay nicely around horses hind quarters
  • Accented with leather like trim and an decorative hip ornament and braided tail cord
  • Leather chapes at front add style
  • Removable hidden surcingle
  • Shoulders are lined with nylon taffeta
  • Nickel hardware
  • Premium ultrafleece cozy neck collar adds style and provides another layer of protection against cold drafts

Tailored Comfort and Protection

Experience the epitome of comfort and protection with the Equinavia Koselig Fleece Cooler. Crafted from premium 280gsm anti-pill fleece, this cooler boasts a contoured fit that gracefully drapes around your horse's hindquarters. No more discomfort or drafts—just a snug, cozy fit that keeps your equine companion comfortable.

Stylish Details

Elevate your horse's style with our Koselig Fleece Cooler. It's all about the details, from the leather-like trim to the decorative hip ornament and braided tail cord. The leather chaps at the front add a touch of sophistication and enhance your horse's overall look.

Functional Design

Functionality meets fashion with the Equinavia cooler. We've incorporated a removable hidden surcingle for added stability and convenience. The shoulders are thoughtfully lined with nylon taffeta, ensuring durability and comfort for your horse. Nickel hardware adds a touch of elegance while maintaining durability.

Ultimate Neck Protection

In the battle against cold drafts, our premium ultra fleece cozy neck collar takes the lead. Not only does it add a stylish flair, but it also provides an additional layer of protection. Say goodbye to chilly winds sneaking in; your horse stays snug and warm.

Equinavia's Dedication to Quality

For over four decades, Equinavia has been at the forefront of developing high-quality equine products. Our commitment to enhancing animal welfare drives us to create blankets like the Koselig Fleece Cooler. We understand horses' challenges, especially those far from their natural habitats. We continuously refine our designs, incorporating the latest fabric and hardware technologies.

Optimal performance is crucial, so consider the Equinavia Koselig Fleece Cooler for every season. Elevate your horse's comfort, protection, and style with a brand that has earned the trust of horse enthusiasts worldwide.

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Equinavia Koselig Fleece Cooler - Navy/Brown

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