• Leather covered single joint mouthpiece
  • Double ring, Wilson style cheekpieces
  • Attached leather bit guards
  • Ideal for strong horses that become difficult to control
  • Stainless steel (contains nickel)

This bit provides control for hard-pulling horses.

A single jointed leather covered mouthpiece is accepted by most horses. Pressure is placed on the tongue when the driving lines are pulled back and additional pressure is placed on the horse's cheeks. This effect is created by attaching the two inside rings to the cheekpieces of the headstall, while the smaller outside rings are attached to the driving lines. This bit is effective, yet humane for horses that tend to bare down on the bit and bridle and become difficult to control. The inclusion of attached leather bit guards provide protection against pinching at the lips.

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Finntack Leather Covered Snaffle Double Ring Driving Bit

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