• Leather-covered single joint mouthpiece
  • Half cheek style cheekpieces
  • Integrated leather bit guards
  • Stainless steel (contains nickel)
  • Ideal for starting young horses

Finntack Leather Covered Snaffle Half Cheek Driving Bit is an idea choice for training young or green driving horses.

The leather covered single joint mouthpiece is a traditional choice and generally accepted by most horses. The leather covering is gentle on sensitive bars and lips. When pressure is applied to the lines, the bit collapses onto the tongue and bars of the horse's mouth to assist in control. The half cheek style assists in turning and keeps the bit from sliding through the horse's mouth. Integrated leather bit guards protect delicate lips from rubs.

Care Instructions:

Leather bits must be wiped clean after each use. Leather conditioner may be used as needed on strapping or bit guards. Non-toxic saddle soap may be used on mouthpiece.

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Finntack Leather Covered Snaffle Half Cheek Driving Bit

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