• French Leather Mullen Style Mouthpiece
  • Loose Ring Style Cheek Pieces
  • Integrated Leather Bit Guards
  • Brass Coated Bit Rings
  • Ideal for Starting Young Horses

This bit features a soft French leather mouthpiece that is readily accepted by most horses.

Bits featuring a leather mouthpiece are commonly used for young and green driving horses as it encourages the horse to relax the mouth and jaw. This bit also features built-in leather bit guards to further protect sensitive lips from pinches or rubs. The loose ring style cheekpieces help to reduce the horse from leaning on the bit. Although commonly used for driving, this bit may be used to start all young horses.

Care Instructions:

Clean bit with every use. Wipe down with a wet cloth and then dry with a soft cloth. Leather conditioner may be used on leather bit guards, while mouthpiece may be cleaned with non-toxic leather soap.

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Finntack Soft Leather Driving Bit

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