5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Horse


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s the four-legged love of my life that I’m ready to go all out for. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get the human love some chocolates or roses…and I’m certainly not saying you should turn down a romantic V-day dinner. 

I’m just saying that some extra horsey love in your life will probably leave you feeling just as happy as a thoughtful evening with your partner. Ok, who am I kidding? The horse will definitely win in the happiness stakes. 

Seriously though, if you want to show your horse some extra love this Valentine’s Day, here’s how to do it in a way that they’ll understand and appreciate. 

1. Give them some extra grooming time

Get to the barn half an hour earlier than usual, or stay longer. Spend some extra time doing what your horse loves. If they enjoy a good brushing then take a bit longer going over their favorite spots. If not, just give some extra cuddles and strokes. Or just hang out in their stall and enjoy not being rushed for a change.

equestrian grooming gray horse

2. Take them for a fun ride

Show your horse the love by letting them do something they love on your Valentine’s Day ride. Maybe you could take them to an open field or beach for a good gallop out in the fresh air to let them enjoy themselves. You’ll enjoy it too! 

You’ll have to tailor this to your horse. If you have a horse who’s terrified of open spaces then their idea of fun might not be a gallop. Maybe they’d prefer a gentle walk about in the arena, or a jump session? Maybe your hard-working competition horse loves to do trail rides on the buckle. Spend the day doing whatever work you feel they really enjoy most.

3. Spoil them with a nice gift

Again, roses and chocolates are nice. But they’ve got nothing on carrots and saddle pads. Get your horse a Valentine’s Day gift to show your love. Whether it’s an extra big scoop of feed, a gorgeous red, pink, or white pair of boots or even a horse insurance policy (hey, nothing says love like taking good care of them!) we’re sure that the spoils will earn you some brownie points. 

But definitely bring extra carrots too, because that’s a sure way to a horse’s heart.

4. Go for a picnic

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a picnic. Why not take your horse to a nice spot out in the fields or on the trails and set up for a couple of hours? Pick somewhere with plenty of green grass for your horse and pack a few of your favourite snacks for you. Remember to bring along water for both of you, and a safe way to tether your horse. 

5. Book a photoshoot

Spoil your horse with a serious pamper session and a photoshoot to show them off. A new shampoo, a soft fleece blanket for drying, and a good haircut will have them looking like an equine calendar model. Then make use of a local photographer or snap your own pictures to commemorate the Valentine’s Day love. 

Or take any of the five ideas, add a friend and their horse to the mix and you’ve got a double date on your hands!


Valentine’s Day is for love of all types! And the love of an equestrian for their horse knows no bounds.

So now that you’ve got some ideas for how to spoil your hooved soulmate, how are you going to spend the day of love? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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