• Encourages correct head carriage in your horse by exerting pressure on the horse's poll when the horse raises his head above a certain point.
  • Single elastic line loops around the horse's head and runs through the bit and attached to the girth or breastplate. Can also be used while lunging
  • 10ft 2in elastic rope is adjustable and fits most horses; useful for a variety of disciplines.
  • Encourages the horse to relax and use their back and topline efficiently - great for teaching collection!
  • Enables horse rider to sustain sensitivity of reins while on horseback.

Assist your horse in learning proper head carriage with the Horze Adjustable Neck Stretcher.

Made of thick, adjustable elastic cord, this chambon can be adjusted to fit most horses. This aid exerts pressure on the horse's poll when they raise their head beyond a certain point, encouraging them to bring their head down and relax their back. It can also be used to encourage the beginning of collection. The design of this aid allows the rider to maintain full use and control of the reins.


Care Instructions:

Wipe clean with damp sponge.

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Horze Adjustable Neck Stretcher - Black

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