• Basket pitchfork head
  • Lightweight design features tough plastic tines
  • Exceptionally sturdy for dependable service
  • Handles twice as much as a regular fork
  • Shaped for less strain

Efficiently clean stalls with the Horze Durable Basket Pitchfork Replacement Head.

This fork head features a large, built-in basket to trap more waste while letting bedding and shavings fall through. Simply scoop the manure, tilt the fork backward, and tap on the floor. The entire design saves you both time and money. The lightweight, specially shaped fork eases back-strain with an integrated tine stabilizer to increase durability. Handles twice as much as a regular fork. Fits telescopic handle, item # 50209. Sold separately.

Care Instructions:

When soiled, hose down and allow water to soak into the stuck-on debris for several minutes. Use a soft scrub brush to remove stubborn debris, if necessary. Rinse again until fork is clean.

Product ID: 50222

Horze Durable Basket Pitchfork Replacement Head - Black

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