• Effective Lunging Aid System - This training aid encourages your horse to stretch forward and down while lunging, maintaining proper head carriage at the walk, trot, or canter.
  • Please Note: Lunging aid does not come with lunging roller, surcingle, or bridle. These must be purchased separately for intended use.
  • Simple Rope System - The innovative training aid uses a simple system of ropes and clips to teach your horse to stretch forward and engage his back properly. Ships with instructions to attach correctly.
  • Durable and Comfortable Construction - Made of sturdy braided nylon rope with metal clips designed to last; the ropes placed at the rear of the horse are covered with fleece for soft comfort.
  • Benefits All Horses - No matter the discipline, your horse will benefit from an effective longe line program. For best results, use frequent, short sessions. Good luck!

Help your horse maintain proper head carriage and learn to use his back effectively with the Horze Lunging Aid.

This innovative lunging system gently encourages your horse to stretch forward and down while on the lunge. This lunging aid strengthens the back and stretches the top line without force. It is designed to be used on its own with a surcingle and lunging cavesson or bridle for the full effect. This system is a great choice for horses of all disciplines. Designed of sturdy rope with fleece covering for comfort.

Care Instructions:

After every ride, dampen a clean sponge, wring thoroughly. Wipe to remove sweat and dirt. Dry with clean towel.

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Horze Lunging Aid - Navy/Red

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