• Effective Rein Aid Insert: These leather rein aids have elastic inserts which encourage your horse to accept an elastic contact. Also helps sensitive horse's to not be afraid of the bit, giving a "soft hands" touch.
  • Easy to Attach: A simple strap attaches the rein aids to the bit, with a metal ring to connect to the reins. Easily attach and remove.
  • Sold in Pairs: Each order comes with a set of two rein aids so you can improve your training immediately.
  • Rein Extension: These are also useful as rein extenders if you need just a little extra length on your existing reins.

Learn a soft hand and support your horse during training with the Horze Soft Rein-Aid Inserts.

Rein-Aids use the same principles as side reins with a section of elastic inserts to encourage the horse to give into a soft, consistent pressure on the reins. Attached directly to the bit and then to the reins, these inserts are great for beginners or for any rider who wants to offer their horse a gentler hand. Features leather with elastic inserts and buckle style ends.

Please Note:
Great for beginners who tend to be hard with their hands

Care Instructions:

To clean, wipe with warm water to remove dirt and sweat and follow with leather cleaner.

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Horze Rein-Aid Inserts, Soft - Black

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