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Horze Rover Tall Dressage Boots - 39013-BL-37R
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Horze Rover Tall Dressage Boots 39013-BL-37R
Height: 4,70 Centimeters
Width: 20,70 Centimeters
Depth: 13,10 Centimeters
Weight: 4,34 Grams
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  • Classy Dressage Tall Boots - These fantastic horse riding tall boots are made of soft synthetic leather in a traditional style that looks really sharp in the ring. Check the Size Chart to make sure you get a pair that fits!
  • Stylish and Comfortable - Made from 100% synthetic leather, these boots have an extra soft sole, plenty of stretch and are easy to break in without the stiff feel of other non-leather boots. The lovely logo details at the top of the shaft and a soft rubber sole give these gorgeous long boots plenty of style and comfort. Ideal for schooling, showing, eventing or even hunting. Tall boots like these also prevent chafing and pinching from stirrup leathers.
  • Improved Riding Position - Tall boots encourage better riding and leg position in the saddle as they restrict the ability to move and wiggle your feet and ankles. These boots have a suede-like inner leg that is reinforced with elastic to give you added flexibility. The lining within each shaft of the boots hugs your legs, giving you great support and comfort when riding. A spur rest adds extra security in the saddle.
  • Back Zipper and Elastic Calf- The back zipper allows you to easily put on and remove the boots while elastic along the calf make sure the boots are flexible. This means whether you are walking a course, jumping a fence or simply sitting in the saddle, the boots will sit properly on your foot while still providing all the support you need.
  • Versatile - These boots can be used for anything from top-level competition to everyday use around the stable making them one of the most versatile boots available. Tall riding boots offer more protection when riding and on the ground as apposed to paddock boots. What's more, they are perfectly suitable for entry-level riders because of their supreme comfort and affordable price.

Exquisite synthetic leather boots have plenty of stretch allowing them to be broken in quickly without the stiff feel of other non-leather boots.

These boots are budget-priced but have the feel of real leather with lovely logo details and a soft rubber sole that offers plenty of comfort. The back zipper and inner suede-like leg area are reinforced with elastic for added flexibility. Logo displayed at the top of the boot shaft. Material: Synthetic Leather.


Discipline:Dressage, Jumper, Eventing
Closure:Back Zipper
Riding or Racing:Riding
Construction Materials:Synthetic Leather
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