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Horze Slender Intertwined Reins
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Horze Slender Intertwined Reins 10659-BL-F
Height: 0,80 Centimeter
Width: 18,90 Centimeters
Depth: 3,90 Centimeters
Weight: 0,42 Gram
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  • Web Reins with Intertwined Rubber: These classic-style horseback riding reins are made in a traditional web style, intertwined with rubber for extra grip during your ride.
  • Hand Stops: Hand stops are placed at regular intervals along the reins to add another level of grip. Buckle ends with attached leather bit stops
  • Slender Reins: The 5/8" width on these reins is great for providing an easy grip without being too bulky. Full/Horse size is 57" long and Pony size is 53" long.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware: Stainless steel buckles are durable and long-lasting, attaching easily to all standard bits.

Get a grip when you add a set of Horze Slender Intertwined Reins to your daily training bridle.

These reins feature a web style rein with hand stops and is intertwined with rubber for additional grip. This allows the rein to have a flexible feel in the hand and less bulk than traditional rubber reins, while still having the improved traction in wet conditions. Features buckle ends with stainless steel hardware for easy changing of bits.


Riding or Racing:Riding
Construction Materials:Leather
Discipline:Eventing, Jumper
Rein Type:Rubberized Reins
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