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Horze Chicago Tendon Open Front Horse Boots
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Horze Chicago Tendon Open Front Horse Boots 19415-BL-C
Height: 1,90 Centimeters
Width: 12,90 Centimeters
Depth: 14,10 Centimeters
Weight: 0,78 Gram
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  • Excellent Protection and Ample Support: These open front boots are made from a sturdy, durable plastic that will protect your horse's tendon area from strikes and brushing injuries. A perfect solution when jumping or trail riding!
  • Long-Lasting Comfort: Its soft neoprene lining acts as a cushioning which prevents painful discomfort and rubbing. Ideal for long hours on the trail or in the arena.
  • Snug But Stretchy: Strong hook-and-loop fasteners provide the perfect balance of snug fit and stretch, allowing even pressure distribution for ultimate comfort and protection.
  • Pairs Well With Horze Fetlock Boots: For a complete set, order a matching pair of Horze Fetlock Boots for the rear legs.
  • Easy Clean: Simply wipe the hard plastic shell and neoprene lining with a damp cloth to get rid of dirt.

Horze Tendon Boots offer a simple and affordable way to protect your equine athlete.

A simple design make and a multitude of colors make these a great choice for tendon boots. Protect your horse's legs during schooling or use during turnout when rough play could cause injury to the legs. Made of plastic and neoprene.


Riding or Racing:Riding, Racing
Closure:Hook and Loop Fastener
Construction Materials:Neoprene
Package Quantity:Set of Two
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