• 7-Piece Grooming Kit - Everything you need to groom your horse! Comes with large and medium-sized body brushes, a dandy brush, a mane and tail brush, a sisal glove, and a sisal towel.
  • Nylon Tote Bag Included - A handy grooming bag made of tear-resistant nylon is the perfect thing to store or carry your tools to and from the barn.
  • Wood-Backed Brushes - Made of high quality wood with natural fibers, these brushes are easy to grip and built to last!
  • Complete Grooming Set - Everything you need to give your horse a clean and shiny coat, mane, and tail; best if used daily.

Keep your grooming tools organized in the handy Horze Wooden Grooming Tools and Tote.

This durable nylon tote arrives to you with six high quality-grooming tools. Tote includes a large wood base body brush that removes dirt, dust, dried sweat, and dandruff from the coat and skin. The best tool to get a horse clean! The medium wood base body brush is smaller than the body brush and easily removes dirt, dust, and scurf from the coat and skin. Wood back dandy brush removes heavy dirt and dried mud. Wood mane and tail brush untangles the mane and tail (pick out tangles first). Sisal glove removes stains, or use for a final polish after grooming. Also good for rubbing out sweat marks. A sisal towel adds the final touch to get a beautiful shine and rub out any remaining sweat marks. This grooming tote is made of durable fabric to prevent rips and tears while traveling or during rough use. Horze logo is embroidered at the top of the grooming tote. Includes: body brush (large), body brush (medium), dandy brush, mane and tail brush, sisal glove and towel.

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Horze Wooden Grooming Tools and Tote - Black

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