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IRH Elite EQ Helmet
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IRH Elite EQ Helmet 323987-BL-6 1/2
Height: 8,30 Centimeters
Width: 13,00 Centimeters
Depth: 9,40 Centimeters
Weight: 2,03 Grams
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  • Cool-On Lining
  • Amara Suede Covered Outer
  • Side and Front Ventilation
  • Comfort Harness

The Elite helmet series is designed to make riders look cool and feel cool and comfortable.

IRH's innovative low-profile geometry gives the Elite helmets a streamlined modern look. Top right and left vent ports provide optimal air intake and cooling while the interior of Elite helmets is mesh with a padded Cool-On lining that wicks moisture away from the rider's head. Small foam pads across the inside of the helmet combined with its ultra-lightweight construction add to the supreme comfort of the Elite helmets. The harness has a clip closure adjustable chin-strap. The Elite helmets feature a comfort wrap around harness that is soft and is ventilated in the back for maximum comfort while riding. Of all the helmets I have tried it is the most comfortable and I can wear it all day. Liza Boyd. ASTM F1163-15. Amara Suede with matte vent and suede wrap-around harness.


Gender:Women, Men, Kids
Riding or Racing:Riding
Discipline:Dressage, Eventing, Driving, Hunter, Jumper
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