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IRH Equi-Pro Western Rebel Helmet
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IRH Equi-Pro Western Rebel Helmet 323996-LB-M/L
Height: 8,30 Centimeters
Width: 13,00 Centimeters
Depth: 9,40 Centimeters
Weight: 2,03 Grams
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  • Fun protection for your head
  • ASTM/SEI certified riding helmet
  • Graphic and text design
  • Dial fit system provides a customized fit
  • Cool-on moisture-wicking lining
  • Multiple vents for great comfort in even hot weather
  • Lightweight and secure nylon harness with quick snap closure

Protect your head and have a bit of fun with the IRH Equi-Pro Western Rebel Helmet.

This schooling style helmet features a bright graphic and word design. This helmet features the signature elite front vet which allows fresh air to enter through the front and then circulate around the top of the head, creating a cooler feeling. Comfort is assured with the Cool-on lining which features a moisture-wicking lining. Of course, a good fit is essential for safety and this helmet features a dial fit system that allows the rider to easily get a custom-like fit with just the twist of a dial. A lightweight nylon harness with snap closure holds it securely on the rider's head. This helmet features ASTM F1163-15 certification.


Gender:Women, Men, Kids
Riding or Racing:Riding
Discipline:Schooling, Trail Riding
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