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Rider Gear

Equestrianism is a diverse sport requiring a wealth of equipment - some essential, some desirable and some just plain fun! You can rely on Horze Equestrian to have the most attractive and technologically advanced products on the market. Riding hats combine a fashionable streamlined design with the highest safety standards, while sensible body protectors mean you'll always choose to wear your vest when schooling over fences. Flat-ended or roller ball spurs are classically functional, but elegantly-crafted spur straps with crystal-studded buckles elevate them into the fashion dimension. Whips for dressage, jumping and driving are lightweight, comfortable to hold and come in a myriad of colors. Reflective clothing and accessories for riding on dark evenings will keep you safe, high-performance glasses and goggles will protect your eyes from dirt and glare when you're harness racing, and a Back on Track brace will ease those aching muscles. Whatever special gear you need trust Horze Equestrian to have it, by Horze, International Riding Helmets, B Vertigo and Back on Track.

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Rider Gear

Specialized equipment for horseback riding include safety equipment like riding helmets or body protectors and googles. Other equipment that riders might choose to use include training aids like riding whips and spurs; these are used to assist in cueing the horse and reinforce the rider’s natural aids. Horze Equestrian provides rider gear that is both stylish and functional providing protection for riders and drivers for schooling, shows and racing.

Equestrian Protective Gear

A rider’s first consideration in their riding equipment should be safety equipment. Riding helmets assist in protecting the head from injury in the event of a fall. Many organizations, equestrian centers and shows require the use of an ASTM certified riding helmet whenever a rider is mounted on a horse, particularly for minor children. Other organizations require or highly suggest that riding helmets should be worn whenever a horse is being handled by a rider or groom. Horze Equestrian features quality show and schooling helmets by International Riding Helmets and Trauma Void.

Riding Helmets

Helmets are available in show and schooling styles. Riding helmets designed for showing generally feature conservative styles with velveteen, suede or matte finishes; black is the traditional color of choice although navy, grey or brown are also acceptable. Show style helmets may also be used for schooling. Riding helmets designed for schooling are available in wide range of colors and typically have a plastic shell with a glossy or matte finish; they may also have fun graphic designs. Schooling helmets also tend to have larger vent systems for an even cooler feel during training. Regardless of whether the helmet is designed for schooling or showing, all certified helmets meet the same standards for protection. Although riding helmets were traditionally styled for English riders, designs geared for Western riders are also available and are becoming very popular. Helmet accessories including helmet liners and covers can be used to customize the look and feel of your helmet. Riding helmets are typically sized by standard hat sizes, although some are also available in small, medium or large sizes. A correctly fitted helmet is essential for safety as a helmet that is too small or too large will not provide a full level of protection, or could even come off in a fall. In order to get the correct size you will want to take a flexible measuring tape around the circumference of your head just above your eyes. You should also ensure that your hair is styled as it would be during your rides as different hair styles can change the fit of your helmet. This measurement should then be compared to the individual size chart of the chosen riding helmet.

Equestrian Body Protectors

Although they were initially designed for protection during racing and cross country riding, equestrian body protectors are also a popular choice for any rider who wants additional protection while riding. Protective vests, as they are also known, provide protection for the rider’s torso and help prevent concussive or crushing injuries. Vests are required for wear during cross country showing and may also be worn during most other competitions without penalty. Body protectors may be ASTM certified in the US, although this certification is generally not required for use in competitions.

Googles & Glasses

Goggles are used primarily in racing, although many riders choose to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun. Goggles may also offer sun protection, but their primary use is to protect the rider’s eyes from track dirt, mud and windburn while riding or driving at speed. Horze Equestrian offers riding and driving goggles from Finntack and TKO. These goggles are available in a range of lens colors for use during different weather and are available with soft elastic bands or glass styles for the rider or driver’s comfort.

Braces & Therapeutic Support

Although braces and supports are not technically safety equipment, many riders rely on their use to support old injuries or to provide support to prevent injuries. Horze Equestrian offers Back on Track braces designed for riders and drivers. Braces are targets to support specific joints or to provide protection for target areas. Back on Track has braces for knees, backs, ankles, calves, elbows and wrists. Back on Track’s braces also have the benefit of providing therapeutic support, using the body’s own energy to create a far infrared effect that reduces pain and inflammation.

Reflective & High Visibility Wear

For trail riders, or those that school near roads in low light conditions in the early mornings and evenings, Horze Equestrian also offers a full set of reflective and high visibility gear for riders. High visibility gear features bright, neon colors for visibility during the day, while reflective gear provides visibility by reflective headlights during darker conditions. Popular styles of this gear includes vests, helmet covers and boot bands. Most riders also choose to add reflective gear for their horse as well.

Rider Aids: Whips, Crops & Spurs

Common aids for riders include riding whips and spurs. Spurs and whips are used to enhance the rider’s aids or, in the case of lunging or driving whips, to compensate for the loss of the leg aids. Horze Equestrian offers English styled spurs and riding, driving and lunge whips in a wide selection of styles.

Horze Equestrian has English spurs designed for hunter/jumper, dressage, eventing and casual riders. English spurs are available in a range of styles designed to meets the needs of riders in each discipline and are available in sizes for women, kids or men. English spurs are typically made of stainless steel, although some are also available in composite polymers and require the use of separate spur straps, which are available in leather or synthetic materials. Additionally, spurs may feature rubber covers to help stabilize them or protect the rider’s boots from rubs. Spurs are used to enhance the leg aids and are typically used by more advanced riders who have a steady leg; they are also sometimes used by children who may not have the leg strength to accurately cue their horse or pony. For competition, riders should consult the rulebook of their sport’s governing body and the use and type of spur allowed varies widely by discipline.

Equestrian whips are available in styles for riding, driving and groundwork. Horze Equestrian features a wide selection of whips in styles designed to be used for schooling or showing. For general riding and jumping, a shorter style of whip is typically used. Riding crops or riding bats feature a short shaft with a leather or synthetic popper on the ends. These whips are typically used on the neck or taken in one hand to be used behind the leg. Dressage whips are used for dressage and flatwork. These whips are longer and slimmer and feature a lash on the end and are designed to be used without removing the hand from the reins. Driving whips look are available in a range of lengths depending on the style of driving and the amount of horses in the harness. Lunge whips are designed to be used when the horse is on the lunge and are available in a range of styles and sizes. The style and type of whip allowed in competition is also very dependent on the sport’s rulebook.

No matter what type of riding gear or safety equipment that a rider needs, Horze Equestrian has the styles that riders need for their discipline in fashionable designs for schooling, showing and casual riding.