2023 Ultimate Equestrian Gift Guide


From your longtime trainer to the girl who boards her gelding in the stall next to yours; from your horse-crazy nephew to your trail riding neighbor, here’s over 50 gift ideas in all price ranges to inspire your holiday shopping for all the horse people in your life.

Sometimes the best things in life aren’t things at all. A charitable donation on behalf of your giftee is a meaningful present, and we’ve also included some simple-but-meaningful DIY gift ideas, too.

Whether it’s your stable secret Santa, lesson buddy or best horse-loving friend, here are ideas for the fellow equestrian on your list:

For your Barn Buddy

Under $20:

Flex Wrap

Here’s something that even “the horse person who has everything” never has enough of—Flex wraps. For bandaging wounds (both horse and human) and holding dressings in place, by the time you realize you’re out of it, it’s too late.

Under $100:

Soft Grip Reins

Soft Grip reins from Zilco Reins are bound to impress even your most colorful riding pal.

Therapeutic Saddle Pad

If there’s one thing every horse lover loves—it’s their horse. Keep him comfortable and improve his performance with a ceramic-infused saddle pad. It keeps the back muscles warm, increasing blood flow and helps to relieve tension and soreness. Get it here.

Under $200

Brass Browband

Ever notice how almost everyone has a bling browband, but most of them look the same? Try  Horze's Brass Clincher Browband, and give your best barn pal something truly unique and beautiful. 


DIY Bit Warmer

Here’s something they’ll be thankful for this winter! With just a scrap of fleece, a cup of rice, and a little simple sewing, this thoughtful gift will spare them (and their mount!) the pain of ice-cold bits during the winter. Get instructions here.

For Your Horse Pro (Vet, Farrier, Trainer, etc.)

Under $20:

Tech Cover

What busy professional isn’t glued to their phone or tablet? Check this must-have card holder here.

Under $100:

Stable Blanket

Show your coach how much you appreciate all the time she’s spent sitting in unheated indoor arenas! A stable blanket keeps body heat in, and makes a great gift for lesson-attending parents, too (hint, hint).

Under $200:

Personalized Grooming Kit

For the horse pro who is an equestrian themselves, this chic-yet-rustic grooming kit from Horze is a great way to thank them for keeping your horse hobby alive.


Horse Care

Working with horses can be a dirty job.  Melt-and-pour glycerin soap is very easy to work with, and natural exfoliants like oatmeal and chia seeds can be added to help scrub off horse dirt. You can buy kits online and find ideas here.


Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association

Being an equine professional isn’t all soft muzzles and horsey hugs. Income instability, injury and lack of health insurance are just a few of the problems that equine professionals face. The Horseman’s Benevolent and Protective Association provides insurance, a pension plan, emergency assistance, and education to horse people in the racing industry.

For Kids

Under $20:

Show Shirt

Kits come with an unadorned white horse that they can paint and decorate however they like. Sparkly show short with functional fabric to keep your kid comfortable at the show grounds. Find it here.

Jr. Bamboo Winter Socks

Keep their little feet warm and dry this winter with a pair of horsey socks they’ll love to wear riding.

Under $100:

Safety Stirrups

Horseback riding can be a dangerous sport. Safety stirrups can help riders stay safe by releasing their feet in the event of a fall. There are a few different designs on the market, so choose the one that best fits your child’s boot size and budget best.

Over $200:

Riding Lessons

Give a gift that can last a lifetime. Riding lessons are a great present for a horsey kid and help them develop motor skills, balance, social skills, confidence, and empathy. Learn how to choose the right trainer with our helpful guide!


DIY Bookends

These DIY bookends can be crafted with little more than a few scraps of wood and some horse figurines and paint. They also make a great craft project for kids, too!


Equine assisted therapy has been around for thousands of years but has been growing in popularity as a means of helping children with physical and cognitive disabilities. Support a deserving cause with a donation to the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International.

For the Competitor

Under $100

Travel First Aid Kit

We all know every horse owner needs an equine first aid kit. But a savvy competitor needs to be prepared to care for their injured athlete while away from home.
You can assemble a trailer first aid kit very easily. Click here for a list of what you need.

Horse Tack

This sparkly starting number will bring something extra to your tournament horse tack. Find it here.

Over $200:

Stock Pin

Add a touch of elegance to your dressage outfit from Horze.

For the Trail Rider

Under $100:

Creams & Salves

Respond quickly and confidently to minor injuries with the collection of wound creams and salves at Horze Equestian.

Saddle Bag

saddle bag may not be something they have already, but it’ll soon be something they can’t live without to keep snacks and drinks cool while out on the trail.

Reflective Riding Sheet

This is a must-have for the safety-conscious trail rider who may be sharing trails with motorized vehicles, or riding in the evening. Equinavia also carries a unique line of reflective leg straps, quarter sheets, boots, and blankets.

For the Natural Horse Person

Under $20:

Pocket Halter

This simple $10 bit of genius fits in a pocket, saddle bag or grooming kit and is indispensable in case of emergency, or as an unobtrusive way to catch a loose horse. Plus, it makes a great stocking stuffer.

Slick N’ Easy

The Slick N’ Easy grooming block is a post-winter must-have for shedding out a coat quickly and easily, without using potentially harsh metal shedding blades. Rub the edges of the block vigorously through the coat to remove dead hair and leave a slick, chemical-free shine.

Under $100:


DIY Slow Feeder

Reduce waste and keep your horse busy for hours on end using a slow hay feeder. Easy to hang in the stall, field, trailer and more, and is perfect for home use or while traveling. 

Bitless Bridle

Bay horse wearing black bitless bridle

Bitless bridles direct and control the horse’s movement without the need for (surprisingly) harsh bits. Better yet, they’re super easy to fit and great to have around in case of a mouth or tooth injury. Not sure whether to try bitless? Check out our article on the pros and cons of bitless bridles.

Under $200

Bareback Pad

There’s no better way to develop a solid seat than bareback riding, but our seat bones and uneven weight can cause pain and discomfort in the horse. A bareback pad helps protect the horse’s back from uneven weight, and jeans from sweat and horse hair. Find it here.

For the New Horse-Person

Under $50:

Novelty polo wraps

Celebrate their new horse with some sweet eye-catching polos in a pattern that no one else in the barn is going to have! Check them here.

Under $100:

First Aid Kit

By the time most people realize that they need a first aid kit for their horse, it’s too late. Help out the new horse owner in your life by giving them a complete horse first aid kit this Christmas. Check out this vet-approved list for recommendations.

Hoof Brushes and Picks

For horse care with good conscience and part of the eco grooming collection. Care for your horse's hooves while also taking care of the environment? Check these sustainable hoof picks and brushes (but shouldn’t be used without proper instruction first!).

Under $200:


Riding attire makes a great gift for an equestrian, but you can only own so many plain breeches. Treat them to a stylish pair with a new silicone full seat for extra grip, like one of these pairs of breeches (great for winter riding, too!)


A donation to the American Horse Rescue Network doesn’t go to one charity.  It supports an entire network of horse rescue organizations across the US. You can make a donation in honor of a loved one, and have them notified by email or letter.

Under the Tree

One final idea before you run off to the tack store to start your holiday shopping: a nicely wrapped gift shows you care. A horse ornament tied in the ribbon is the perfect accessory for any equine present. Check these Santa collections for an impressive selection. Tie an ornament into the gift’s bow for a personalized finishing touch before you slide it under the tree.

What was the best horse holiday gift you’ve ever given or received? Share your memories below.

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